Castaway on a bicycle

A film by Paolo Ciaberta

There are two ways in Sicily that can give you that castaway feeling, jump on a boat and let yourself go in the sea or jump on a bike and lose yourself in the backcountry. The need for that castaway feeling came because I was looking for ample and unpopulated places, wild and far, where time seemed to stop, contest that I consider ideal to move legs and head. Usually when I get out of home in my bike, for my Sunday ride, I often find myself in places where I already know every single roughness of the road and I don't think about anything else a part from riding and feeling like a child. Cycle touring instead imposes organization and attention, you have to face most situations by trusting only your own instinct, your senses. You have to feel the noises, the air, follow the traces more like an animal than a child, thing that I find moving and gratifying. This is a journey that awake senses, a surprising journey, a journey where one can lose and find himself again.

Paolo Ciaberta is a professional free lance photographer based in Turin (Italy) he collaborate with several cycling magazine and cycling company.
instagram - paolociaberta

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