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Hi Martin,

The shoes are amazing! I got them two days before I left on a 7day bicycle tour and they performed superbly. I was worried about them not breaking in but I experienced zero discomfort. I am very, very impressed with the quality and style and can't wait to get a second pair in brown ;)

PS, Thanks for the extremely fast and accurate shipping!


Matt D - San Francisco, USA. Race Black

The shoes arrived and I've been out riding with them. They are fabulous, comfortable, and beautiful.

I'm using them with old Campy quill pedals and straps. I need some old style cleats with just a slot for the quill. Do you have any such cleats that will fit the 3 screw pattern on the shoe bottoms?


Rick M

Guildford, Connecticut, USA. Race Black
Hello Martin,

The shoes arrived safely and fit perfectly. I've been using them all week. They are very comfortable indeed, really love them.

Thank you.

James London. Sportivo Classic
Hi Martin,

You beat me to it! I wanted to email you to say my husband is highly delighted with the shoes and to thank you for helping me make his birthday a good one! He is delighted with the quality of the shoe and can't wait to use them.

I think I may need to get a pair now!

I hope you had a good holiday.

Thanks again.


Caroline - Surrey, England. Sportivo Classic
Hey Martin...

Shoes arrived today ... Really outstanding, everything I expected ...


Phil - New Jersey, USA. Sportivo Classic
Hi Martin

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the shoes.

The quality is fantastic and they also look great.

All-in-all, a great pair of shoes with excellent customer service.

Thanks again

Chris S - Manchester, England. Sportivo Black

Shoes received yesterday. Cycling? You are kidding, right? I' m going dancing in them this weekend! :)


Mike R - Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Race Black
Hi Martin,

The shoes have arrived safe&sound, I am delighted, sexy is not the word for them! Fabulous. Like the brown ones I had from you some time ago. If these shoes were a woman, they'd be Claudia Cardinale in her prime! Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Timm F - Gwent, Wales.
Thanks for the question; I own a set of perfectly-fitting Dromartis purchased back in 2012. They are size 46. I am getting these to allow for more leaisurely rides where I want to walk around. By the way, my first set took a real beating doing the 2012 L'Eroica, where I certainly ended up walking far more than I would have guessed. Even with so much walking in gravel they have held up beautifully.

Mark Ty - Virginia, USA. Sportivo Classic
I finally got a chance to try the new Sportivos. They fit perfectly, and were very comfortable. The ride was cold and I wore neoprene booties over them. It was nice not to have buckles and velcro straps in the way as I was pulling the booties on. Thanks so much for a great shoe with classic appeal and modern performance.

Best regards,

K Boulder, CO USA Sportivo Black

Just to let you know that the shoes are wonderful. Very comfortable and good looking to boot. A different look - I like it!


John S - Western Australia. Race Black
I can't believe the shoes arrived very next day. I was pit but collected them from post office. Great service fantastic shoes, on my way to buy cleats. Have a good day


Doug B - Surrey, England. Sportivo Classic

Shoes arrived yesterday - excellent fit and wow!


Len - Northumberland, England Race Black
Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for the shoes, which I wore today for the 1st time (after letting some Brooks leather preserve sink in overnight).

The shoes fit very nicely, so thank you for your recommendation to go up a size from my original order. I'm particularly keen on the soft cup of the heel, which holds the foot snugly on climbs.

They are also a lovely colour, which I'm looking forward to seeing age and develop a rich patina.

Thank you again for your time, help and wonderful work.

Good luck with all your ventures with the company, and good luck with all your adventures on your bike.

Gary O - Gateshead, England. Sportivo Classic
Dear Martin.

Simply beautiful shoes, perfect fit.

Gordon - Lancashire, England.

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