Paris - Brest - Paris

Philipp Hympendahl is an internationally renowned cycling photographer and accomplished cyclist who on the 15th of August will tackle his biggest cycling challenge, the Paris - Brest - Paris Randonneur.

Dromarti,  are proud to sponsor Philipp and wish him well during this most epic of events.

As part of Philipp's build up to the Paris - Brest – Paris he rode the gruelling "24h – Rennen"

Here is a film of his race.

About his race

24h Race at  Nürburgring started at the 30.07.2015, due to a storm and extreme wind conditions the start was delayed and the total race time was not 24h anymore, that´s why my race time is less.

Track Version "24h-Rennen" Road Bike
The "Green Hell"


The Nürburgring, since 1927 this has been the legendary Nordschleife, often also called the "Green Hell". And the Grand Prix circuit, built in 1984 and expanded by the Mercedes-Arena in 2002. It can be driven and ridden on in two sections (sprint track and Müllenbachschleife) and it can additionally be connected to the Nordschleife.
At "Rad am Ring" we combine the existing routings for the single disciplines in different ways and with the "24h-Rennen" we additionally lead the participants through the Grand Prix paddock.
Thus, the different track lengths, elevation profiles and turn variations are created. Opinions held by the Nürburgring philosophers differ a lot regarding the number of the latter, so that literature has different values in store here. At this point we have defined 73 turns for the Nordschleife.
Track Version "24h-Rennen" Road Bike
Length of track: 26,0 km
Formation lap: 24,4 km

About the Paris–Brest–Paris

(PBP) is a long-distance cycling event. It was originally a 1200 km race from Paris to Brest and back to Paris. It is one of the oldest bicycling events still regularly run. The last time it was run as a race was 1951.  The start of the ride is scheduled from the national velodrome situated in Saint Cyr-Ecole.

Long distance cycling by Philipp Hympendahl

Cycling came into my life, after a bad motorcycle accident I had when I was 20 years old and broke my left food with long term damage.


To prepare for this challenging event, I adjusted my cycle training a little and thought going long distance would be a little easier concerning the speed.
Then I started the qualification brevets of 200-300-400 and 600km and I was surprised how fast the first riders go over this distance. I was also positively surprised of how good my body, my legs and my mind would cope with the strain in my first long distance events.
After the qualification brevets I had severe problems with my body.
My neck was hurting, my achilles tendon was swollen, my writs hurt, and recently I had fatal problems with my bottom after the 24h race. Cycle training without pain was not possible, but I had to persevere. Luckily I could solve most of the problems, now shortly before the start of PBP.
I have always dreamt of being a professional cyclist and now I had the chance of running a campaign with the opportunity of using a lot of modern technical and physical support.
My position on my new bike was set by specialists from KOMsport in Cologne. I trained professionally, I went to physiotherapists for massages etc and as a vegetarian I took care of my nutrition very careful.

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