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Greg Eyerly...
Greg Eyerly...

My brown Dromarti Sportivos are the most comfortable stylish cycling shoes I have ever worn. Here in Oregon there are cyclocross races most evenings during the week. It's not uncommon for me to wear my Dromartis to my last business meeting of the day with my race kit underneath my slacks, shirt and tie -- the Dromarti's look so good with slacks nobody notices they are cycling shoes. I drive straight to the bike race after work, pull off my business clothes and I am ready to warm up and race!

I have people stop me before and after I race both complimenting me on my shoes and asking where they can get them!

I am a former marathoner and ultra marathoner that started cycling just over a year ago as crosstraining. I have raced 58 cyclocross races in my Dromarti shoes this fall and they have performed flawlessly, they are easy to clip into the pedals on remounts and the aggressive tread are great for run ups in the mud or dry loose conditions. I once flatted on my first lap of a cross race with no back-up bike in the pits and to avoid a DNF, I ran 8K, the entire race pushing my bike in the mud and my Dromarti's felt like running shoes and did not aggravate my plantar fasciitis even after running for 40 straight minutes in them. I currently lead the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (ORBA) Ironman standings and recently completed the feat of racing 5 cyclocross races in a single day wearing my brown Dromarti's. Cycling has helped me rehabilitate my hip after a bad car accident and has substantially improved my overall fitness, allowing me to return to running marathons again.

One should not be worried about racing in a pair of Dromarti's - they aren't too pretty to race, they are durable and perform fantastically, with a little shoe polish they will shine like new again after a weekend of hard racing.

Greg Eyerley. Cyclocross race. Washington County Fairgrounds, USA.
Greg's Sportivos after 58 cyclocross races and a 1/2 hour clean.
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