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Cycling perfection from PASSONI - Part 1

We're all familiar with the style, ride-quality and excellence of Italian road bikes from the likes of Colnago and Pinarello but few are aware of Passoni, a company so focused on it's quest for perfection, it’s largely remains secret to all but the inner sanctum of those that 'know'.


As you might imagine, here at Dromarti we very much appreciate excellence in design and manufacture and can only applaud Passoni's position, a jewel in the illustrious crown of Italian bike builders. Without doubt they represent Italian craftsmanship at its finest, producing bespoke, hand built titanium racing bikes that 'transform the feeling of being on two wheels'.


Passoni was founded in the late 1980s when Luciano Passoni and his son Luca wanted to produce the best performing frames for the pro peloton; 30 years on they are one of the most desirable bikes on the market and have been used by Italian pros Gianni Bugno, Claudio Chiappucci and Fabio Roscioli to name but a few.


We caught up with Silvia Passoni, co-founder of Passoni, to find out more their beginnings and how they stay ahead of the curve.


'Luciano and Luco have been obsessed from the beginning about the mechanical properties of titanium' says Silvia. 'A number of very successful riders have used our frames (sometimes under a different brand) on stages of grand tours, including Giro, Vuelta, Tour de France and the Spring Classics, and they have won with our frames. This is because our frames were almost 50% lighter than the steel frames used by other riders at that time.'

'Back then, Passoni was able to assemble full bikes that would weigh less than 7kg, with frames, forks and handlebars produced by us in titanium. Each bike took over two weeks to produce, and even today, we still spend almost 40 hours polishing each frame. And it is appreciated - our customers are so proud of their bikes, we get new clients from all over the world thanks to word of mouth.'

The key to Passoni's success is the combination of expert design and client input, which has allowed it to excel in custom designed bikes.

Silvia continues: 'In all these years we have built excellent relations with our partners. We are constantly updated on what our partners are producing and their thoughts for the future. All Passoni bikes are 100% designed by our experts with input from the clients themselves; all of our partners know this and they support us whole-heartedly in this 'custom design' mission.'

'Italian style and design is deeply ingrained in the Passoni DNA: the maximum quality of the materials, handmade bike frames and attention to every single detail are the characteristics of the Passoni bikes.'


And what does Passoni think about pairing our leather cycling shoes with their legendary bikes?

'Let us say that Dromarti is a 'natural partner' for Passoni: in reason of the incredible quality and fantastic design of the Dromarti bike shoes, they are the perfect solution for the cyclist who loves Passoni,' adds Silvia.

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