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Dromarti leather cycling shoes

Our Story

Our story begins in 2009 with a fruitless search for a classically styled leather cycling shoe with clipless pedal compatibility. A search which lead to a renowned Italian manufacturer, and the birth of the Dromarti brand.

Dromarti's main focus will always be classically styled, handmade leather cycling shoes, but we occasionally commission limited editions of exclusive products which complement the brand. 

Dromarti Road Frame

Dromarti Casting Detail 

2014 brought changing production demands, which prompted us to look for an alternative manufacturing partner.  Subsequently, all shoe production was moved to Taiwan; a move which exceed our expectations.  Widely regarded by the global cycle industry as the world leader in high quality manufacture, it certainly shows in the final product. The quality, craftsmanship and finish of our shoes are simply outstanding. We remain with the same manufacturing partner today.

We are fortunate to have been able to exhibit at various international shows over the years, including the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and to have been extremely well received by the quality cycling media.

The long distance comfort offered by Dromarti shoes has made them a proven favorite among randonneurs and ultra distance riders. We are proud sponsors of the Across Andes Race for the second year.



Our Team

Dromarti HQ is based in the Isle of Wight (a small island in the English Channel), and is run by a team of one - Me!  I'm a life-long cyclist and ride around 6000 miles a year, mainly in the UK, but with the occasional continental trip.

I took over the brand in October 2018 and personally answer every email, process every order, manage the supply chain, design the website etc..  We're a tiny business, so every follow on social media or mention on a forum really has a hugely positive impact on us - Thanks and please keep up the good work!

You can email me on mark@dromarti.com, and If you want to put a face to the brand, here's a recent photo of me suffering on the upper slopes of Mont Ventoux, France.

Mark. Ventoux

Our Shoes

The finest leather cycling shoes on the planet.

Road and Touring.

Quality. Comfort. Style.

Handcrafted from the finest full grain leather.  Enduring style, traditional craftsmanship and retro looks allow the discerning cyclist to stand out from the crowd.

Full length panels are a feature of our shoes, adding strength and comfort.  We double stitch all stressed areas for durability. The tongues and collars are fully padded and the shoes are fully lined in super soft supple leather for added luxury.

Waxed cotton laces prevent slip and allow lace tension to remain where you set it.

As a finishing touch each shoe is embossed with the Dromarti legend.



Our Values

Cycling is our number one passion.

We are driven to offer exceptional customer service.

Our primary focus is to provide a classic, handmade alternative for the cyclist who sees beyond the lighter, stiffer, faster hype, and is instead led by quality, substance and timeless style.


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